BE7786D8-1D64-454D-AED1-21E95F0CE7D8The end of every year is a great time to reflect on my spiritual growth and evolution that year. This year, I have overcome many fears and obstacles, including fear of failure, fear of abandonment, and fear of not being accepted.

This has been a challenging year! Overcoming my fear of failure has allowed me to stay at a job that is overwhelming, challenging, and frustrating. Overcoming my fear of abandonment has allowed me to stay in a healthy, loving, and functional relationship. Finally, overcoming my fear of not being accepted has allowed me to be a fair and realistic supervisor.

My work is not yet over as I struggle to let go, and come to acceptance of my reality and learning to live with myself. It seems to me that this entire spiritual healing process is learning to be with myself, and my reality. It is accepting the silence, the aloneness, and our inner thoughts.

As I continue to overcome my fears every minute of every day, I am slowly becoming the person I wish to be. May you reflect on your spiritual growth and evolution! (Copyright 2018 awakening journey with all rights reserved)


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