Awareness of Spiritual Bypass

tumblr_mfwv8dsdu71qk2epjo1_400“Some with awakening Kundalini experience a small degree of ego inflation.  Others become grandiose and may get stuck.   A way out is to work on ourselves over time, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.  To believe we can be instantly healed through a religious or spiritual experience alone is to attempt what we call a ‘spiritual bypass.’ We try to bypass and ignore the lower levels of consciousness to get to the higher levels. Eventually, however, our false self will usually pull us back until we work through our particular unfinished business.”

“Other names for spiritual bypass are high-level denial and premature transcendence. It is seen in any number of situations, such as being prematurely ‘born again,’ having a spiritual awakening and focusing only on the ‘light,’ focusing on psychic ability as a major part of our identity, or becoming a guru or teacher who exploits his or her students.”

“The consequence of taking a spiritual bypass are often active codependence or conflict, including: denial of the richness of our inner life; trying to control ourselves or others; all-or-nothing thinking and behaving; feeling fear, shame, or confusion; high tolerance for inappropriate behavior; frustration; addiction, compulsion, and relapse; and unnecessary pain and suffering.”

“Those who develop psychic abilities who are still centered in their false self or negative ego may believe they are using their abilities for selfless service, but they actually can be projecting their own wishes or other issues onto others instead.  Even sense of compassion can become confusing for those experiencing rapid spiritual growth. They can believe that they are suddenly needed by another, and this may become ‘ego inflating.'” 

Excerpts from “Mental and Emotional Health in the Kundalini Process,” by Barbara Harris Whitfield from the book, “Kundalini Rising, Exploring the Energy of Awakening.”

I have observed this involving those who have been Kundalini active for many years. Because of their emphasis and focus of their existence and lives on their intuitive and psychic abilities and focusing only on the “light,” they have failed to ascend spiritually. Namaste.


2 comments on “Awareness of Spiritual Bypass

  1. there’s a tendency to think that as we grow more ‘spiritual’, life should get easier, lighter. in some ways, yes – but i’m finding that it means i often go deeper into those darker aspects of myself, what some call the shadow. namaste, aleya


    • I agree that we need to go to our dark places and release our darkness before We find our lightness. We are all on this path, soul sister. Love and light!


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