Bypassing Emotional Healing


Healing from our past emotional pain and trauma requires working through the following stages, including denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, although not necessarily in this order.  Please see my earlier post on the specific details of each stage, “Stages of Healing Emotional Pain.”  There are those who do not feel it is necessary to work through these stages.  I respectfully disagree, as they may find this process too frightening or threatening.

Many who only do energy work without delving into their emotional pain and trauma still use escape (to include codependency, and other forms of addiction), repression and suppression, and expression (lashing out causing chaos/drama and acting out behaviors) to cope with their current day or more recent emotional pain in their lives. The reason is that we have only released our past energetic blockages, but we have failed to change our current day behaviors and responses to emotional pain.  Please see my an earlier post on , “Understanding How We Handle Emotions.”

Some, particularly Kundalini active individuals, only attempt healing on the energetic level which I believe must be done, as I use Reiki, body work, energy enhancement (a form of meditation), and yoga to deal with energetic healing.  However, in addition to the energy healing work, I also use emotional healing practice to heal on an emotional and psychological level including “Emotional Release Practice” and “Observing Ego Practice,” as well as music and art therapies, hypnosis, regression therapy, group therapy, psychotherapy, couples therapy, etc.

Believing that there is some way to avoid our emotions simply by avoiding emotional healing work, and focusing only on energetic work or cleansing practices is short sighted and may cause us to become stuck at some point during our spiritual journeys. May you find emotional healing in your life. ( Copyright 2014 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


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