Ego: Falling into Darkness


I have encountered quite a few individuals in this and past lifetimes who have fallen into darkness.  I realize now how easy it is to fall into this darkness without even realizing it.  Many, particularly those in the spiritual community, begin with good intentions of helping others and healing others.  Then, one day you come to realize that you have become the sex offenders and abusers who you have been helping others to heal from, and even healing from yourselves.  Please see an earlier post on, “Sexual Abuse by Spiritual Teachers.”

How can this happen we ask?  The answer is not that difficult, and it is because these individuals are emotionally and mentally unhealed themselves. Our egos play a major role in this denial of our emotional and mental wellness, even desperately hanging onto the belief and image of ourselves as being light, good, and righteous.  As they proceed in this darkness of abusing, hurting, and injuring others for their own personal gain and gratification, their egos create excuses and justifications for their dark behaviors, such as, “I deserve this,” “I am helping others by doing this,” or “these individuals deserve this because I am giving them love,”  and so on.

Many in the spiritual community, particularly Kundalini active individuals, also suffer from spiritual bypass by only focusing on light and ascension without working through their lifetimes of emotional darkness and pain. Please see an earlier post on ” Awareness of Spiritual Bypass.”  As such, they have failed to do the required emotional healing work necessary for true spiritual ascension as it may be too frightening and threatening for them to face.

Please see an earlier post on “Stages of Healing Emotional Pain” for the practice of healing emotional pain.  For those Kundalini active with past trauma and abuse, please see an earlier post on “Kundalini Recovery Process – the Stages,”  The professional opinions are the same that emotional healing whether for those Kundalini active or not, is necessary to ascend spiritually.  (Copyright 2014 Awakening Journey with all rights reserved)


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