Experiencing Emotional and Energetic Releases


In prior posts, I wrote about releasing emotional pain from our emotional bodies, and unblocking energetic blockages from our energy bodies through Emotional Release Practice and Holistic Approach to Healing.  As I progressed through the Stages of Healing Emotional Pain, I experienced several very intense physical, emotional, and energetic releases at different stages of my emotional recovery work.

Anger: Once we overcome the initial stage of denial, we are face to face with the hurt or trauma in our lives from our emotional pain and loss.  We go through a period of blaming those who hurt us, or we may even blame ourselves for what happened, as this pain can be difficult to experience initially. Some of this anger may be directed outwardly towards those close to us.  After going through this stage of anger, I experienced a physical release where my entire body ached and felt sore as if I carried around very heavy weights for a prolonged period of time.  When this physical release occurred, I felt much lighter and experienced a profound physical change.

Bargaining:  During bargaining, we negotiate with a higher power to take away this emotional pain, or we may negotiate with ourselves to do anything else to avoid this emotional pain.  We may also negotiate to end this pain as soon as possible. During the bargaining stage, I set my intentions to give up this emotional pain forever through letting go of individuals associated with this pain and never looking back. What I experienced was an emotional shift where the fear and suffering that followed me all my life, suddenly fell away.  It fell away without warning and left me almost stunned at this dramatic emotional shift.

Depression:  At this stage, we feel helpless and powerless and overwhelmed with sadness about the loss that we are experiencing that is at the root of our emotional pain. This is the stage we grieve for our loss that we must acknowledge, and let those close to us know that we are grieving.  My tears fell for a very long time until there were no more tears.  With each tear, the burden of hanging onto the hurt, sorrow, and grief fell away and released.  This is the stage where we actually release the emotional pain we have stored in our painbody.    

Acceptance: When we have completed the above stages, we will finally come to acceptance of our loss, and the emotional, energetic, and physical pain within our painbody will be released.  We then will accept what this loss from our past has taught us and this experience that we were intended to have in our lives.  Finally, we will let go of our past, and find peace.

These are my personal experiences of emotional, energetic, and physical releases.  You may have other shifts and experiences.  No matter what modality or methods you use, the most important part to emotional recovery work is to face your past and present emotional wounds so you may heal and release them.  May you find healing for your life.  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)