Other Side of Fear


Last Tour of Duty

On my spiritual journey, I have been sent on missions from the infinite. I am told that this is my last tour of duty working with sexually and physically assaulted students at a college.

As I serve my last tour of duty, I ponder about this mission on which I have been sent. It has been the most arduous mission to date for me. I am physically and mentally exhausted from the chaos and suffering at this college.

As an empath, this suffering and pain can be intolerable for me. I struggle each day for self-care and protection against the toxicity and indifference at this college.

The political climate in the US with Donald Trump at the helm has made things that much worse for protection against sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking for college students.

During this mission, it has become harder and harder, and the work for this mission more arduous and insurmountable. This has been the most difficult and worst job I have held to date due to the people working here.

Part of my mission is to understand what I’m supposed to learn on this journey during my mission, and how I can transcend these hardships. Before I leave here, I hope to make this place a little bit better for our students and the next person responsible for protecting the safety and security of these college students. (Copyright 2018 awakening journey with all rights reserved)

Self Love for Empaths

Since my spiritual awakening, I’ve become very sensitive empath. With these gifts, I am easily fatigued and exhausted by the energy and the needs of others.

When I discovered that my purpose in life is to help college students in sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and sexual harassment situations, I began working on a college campus. The demands of this job can exhaust anyone but as an empath, I feel the effects more intensely.

Recently, the infinite sent me signs that I have not been taking care of myself including fainting from dehydration and fatigue. This weekend, I am enjoying a massages, reflexology and Reiki treatments.

I have made a commitment to myself to care of myself daily, including setting very clear boundaries and expectations with those who make great demands on my time and energy.

Self-care is a form of self love, and until we have loved ourselves, we cannot give love to others.(Copyright 2018 awakening journey with all rights reserved.)

Living the Ordinary

On our spiritual journeys, there comes a time when all seems ordinary and the path is clearer. Let me explain.

During the spiritual journey, we work diligently to heal our emotional wounds, find our purpose in life, and seek inner peace. Through self love and acceptance, we begin to find this path forward.

On this arduous journey, at some point this path becomes clearer and the journey becomes easier. The daily hardship still remains but because the path is clearer, this clarity helps us through our journey ahead.

For me, this path feels like living an ordinary life without as much turmoil, drama, and suffering. This life does not involve expectations, judgments, and attachments.

What I found is that the extraordinary life that I thought I would live is really just an ordinary life. May you find the ordinary for your life. (Awakening journey Copyright 2018 with all rights reserved)

Understanding Purpose

There comes a time on our spiritual journeys that we begin to understand the path that we are given and why. One day, it all becomes so clear. There is a beginning, middle, and end.

For me, my path began with a childhood full of abuse, isolation, and fear. This beginning was intended to help me understand the pains and sufferings of others, to learn compassion, and to practice forgiveness for those who injured me. During the middle of my journey, I obtained the skills and strength to defend myself and others who are equally defenseless and vulnerable.

I am moving towards the last part of my journey. During this phase of my journey, my path is one of compassion, forgiveness, and finding ways to serve those who are injured, defenseless, and vulnerable. Once I learned my purpose for this lifetime, I am able to accept my path and let go of my resentments, fears, and resistance to this path.May you understand your purpose and path for this lifetime. (Copyright 2018 awakening journey with all rights reserved.)

Coming into Clarity

951EB79C-3C40-4247-BACF-4C38D7A3F116.jpegOn our spiritual journey, we come to realize something very important. No matter what the gifts or talents we are given, our humans struggles are all the same. I believe this is what we are here to learn.

After my Kundalini energy rose in March, 2011, I was given the gift of insight, clairvoyance, and visions. However, as I enter my seventh year as a Kundalini active person, my human struggles remain the same. I still need to work hard, fight traffic, and deal with daily difficulties and hardships.

This is what I have come to learn about spiritual journeys. These journeys bring us back to the present which can be difficult as we are tested every day to be a better person, to have patience, and to love and have compassion. These are no small orders.

As humans, we live through fear, surrounded by trauma, and struggle to just survive. This does not change when we are given gifts from the Infinite. As I experienced my first decade of being a Kundalini active person, I have come to realize this important lesson. Blessings on your spiritual journey! (Copyright 2017 awakening journey with all rights reserved)

Wishing for Miracles

I recently was again fortunate enough to witness a miracle in my life.  This miracle came at a time when I was ready to give up and crumble under the pressures of my mission from the Infinite.

As many of my readers know, I was called on my second tour of duty on my recent mission from the Infinite to relocate across the country to work at a college in desperate need of help.  I assist and protect college students who have been sexually assaulted, physically assaulted through interpersonal violence, sexually harassed, and stalked. It is a daunting mission, as I am servicing a student population of 23,000.

In the past few weeks, I had hit an all time low, and felt completely defeated and overwhelmed as there is more awareness through the ##MeToo movement, and more cases than my office can handle.  I prayed hard for guidance from the Infinite to help me navigate the media coverage, federal and state audits, federal and state investigations of colleges, and the multitude of law suits.

During a recent state audit of my college, I was able to stand up and defend the positions taken by my office, and we overcame the obstacles in this audit.  Something within me gave me the strength and endurance to do this, and the result was a glowing review of my college.  I am so proud of the efforts by me and my team.  The events that unfolded during this audit proved to me that the Infinite is guiding me and looking out for our students.

Everyday, I am shown these great miracles and the truly blessed life that I live.  May you see and find these miracles in your life!  (Copyright 2018 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)




Why We Attract Others

Do you ever wonder why you attract people full of drama, and those who lie, cheat, and hurt us? The answer is very simple. We attract them because we also share a common emotional injury as them.

Let me explain. We may be attracted to liars, cheaters, and philanders because this has occurred in our past with a parent, or another person very close to us. As a result of this past injury, we attract others into our lives who remind us of our past and feel familiar to us.

For me, it was my father who cheated on my mother, lied to us about his philandering, and also sexually and physically abused me. As a result of this past injury, I attracted many others with similar traits and behaviors.

Because I never recognize my own emotional injuries, I continue to blame others for hurting me. When I finally realized that this emotional injury was within me, and began zealously to heal myself, I no longer attract those with these negative traits and behaviors.

It is this self realization that we are powerful, since we hold the key in changing our lives. When we take responsibility for our own hurts and injuries, then we will attract different people into our lives and experience a more positive and healthy life. (Copyright 2017 awakening journey with all rights reserved.)

Following the Tides

The spiritual journey flows like the tides,

Cycling through like a spiral,

Round and round it goes.

I stop to ponder where I have traveled,

Only to find my way back to the same flow.

It has taken me around and back,

To where I began.

It all seems so obvious and astute,

This time around.

Through each flow there is more clarity,

And the world becomes more vivid and clear.

The events of my life repeat,

But with each new wave,

I learn my life lessons.

The ghosts of my past remain in my past,

I then move merrily forward with knowing and wisdom,

Since the Infinite shows me where I must go.

(Copyright 2018 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)