Letting Go of Ghosts from My Past

We all have a past and it is our emotional history. There was love that was lost, love we never received, and love we never could give. This may have involved our parents, our past lovers, or people we loved from afar.

Whoever theses ghosts were, we must let them go in order to move forward on our journey of soul evolution. After I released these ghosts from my life, my life transformed, and my soul grew miraculously.

As for me, some of these ghosts were from past lifetimes, and some were from my past in my current life. One particular person was a karmic debt from my past life time. When I finally released him from my life by forgiving him for this debt, my current life transformed including finally uniting with my twin flame.

The hurt, pain, and resentment fell away as I forgave him and released him. I never realized that letting go of this ghost could free me and finally allow me to move forward in my soul life.

Learning this important life lesson has brought joy, peace, and love that I was never able to attain earlier in my soul life. May you let go of the ghosts of your past. (Copyright 2017 awakening journey with all rights reserved)


Twin Flames: Two Sides of the Coin


It is the end of 2017, and a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past year. It has been nearly one year since my relationship with my twin flame, although we have known each other for over five years.

The unusual relationship of twin flames is that we mirror our twin’s emotional wounds. It is the same wound but from two different perspectives. Case in point, I am working through issues of jealousy and trust. My childhood was filled with distrust as my father had many extramarital affairs as well as sexually abusing me.  My twin flame is working on lack of self-esteem that has caused him to seek approval and attention from other people.

Here lies the double edged sword where my emotional wound is also his emotional wound like two sides of the same coin.  After much contemplation, I have come to realize that I must heal my own  emotional wounds so I no longer suffer with this distrust and jealousy in my life.  He also must heal his emotional wounds so that his self worth is not reliant on the approvals and attentions of others.

Our relationship has a mirroring effect so that when we find fault with the other, it is critically important to see our side of the same coin. Every relationship we have with others is a mirror of ourselves. May you reflect on your year of 2017. (Copyright 2017  Awakenimg Journey  with all rights reserved)

The Fear of Lack

CD858A0E-F9F2-45D0-A242-FD532059444AWe as humans have come to believe that there is a lack or dearth, and there is not enough to go around for all. This fear drives us as a specie.

During my spiritual journey, I have learned that this is a fiction created by our fears.  I believe this fear is created by our egos.  On my  spiritual journey, the Infinte  has shown me that there is enough to go around and success is available for everyone.

If we fear this lack, then lack is what we will attract into our lives.  So many People function and live through this fear. What I have observed is that they then attract this lack of abundance, lack of love, and lack of success.

How do we overcome this fear of lack? We begin to believe that  there is already abundance, love, and success in our lives, and we are grateful for all we have.  This may seem deceptively simple, but it is true.

Try this method and see if there is a change in abundance in your life.  May you find abundance in your life this Christmas! Merry Christmas to you!  (Copyright  2017 awakening journey  with all rights reserved)

Gifts for My Mission

images (9)

During my most recent spiritual practice, I have become aware of hearing thoughts and experiencing others’ emotional states.  In the past, I was aware of feelings and intentions, but it has evolved into hearing specific thoughts and experiences.  When I began hearing other’s thoughts and actually experience their emotional states, I wonder why this is happening to me?  As an empath, maybe this is normal?

The first person I experience these symptoms was my twin flame who has ADD.  I began to feel his ADD symptoms and condition which I have never experience before.  As I experienced these symptoms, I used this experience to problem solve how to cope with these symptoms then shared them with my twin flame.  He responded that it was helping him with these symptoms.

I also began to hear his thoughts quite clearly just as he is thinking of them.   At first, they were specific words.  Later it became complete thoughts and concepts.  Now, I am able to hear the thoughts of others as well. I have been using this ability to assist me to do my job to help college students after sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and sexual harassment as I am able to hear their thoughts since many cannot express their pain and trauma.

Maybe this ability is intended to assist me to help others overcome their pain and suffering, and empower others during their time of need.  I am grateful for these gifts from the Infinite, and hope that I have the wisdom, courage, and strength to carry out my mission to empower others to heal themselves. (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)



Blessings from the Infinite


For those of you who have followed my blog in the past four years, you know how long my journey has been.  I survived childhood abuse, mental illness, addiction, and abusive relationships, and many other traumas that I have described on this blog.  When my Kundalini energy rose in March 2011, the Infinite explained that by facing my demons and traumas that I would be rewarded with a beautiful, fulfilling, and peaceful life.  I finally found this place.

About a year ago, I moved to the same area as my parents where I believed I would never live. In this place, I found a job that fulfills my life purpose of working with college students after sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking.   I am able to empathize with their experiences, pains, and fears.  I also found love with my twin flame who is on his spiritual journey trying to heal his pain and find his truth. We spent this Thanksgiving as a family with his daughter and her boyfriend.  It feels like a divine connection with this family.  My divine meeting with my twin flame occurred in Cinque Terra, Italy in 2013, and the connection was instant, but it took until 2016 after letting go of my past before I was able to unite with him.  My connection with his daughter also felt instant and divine as she too had an arduous journey and past.

This Thanksgiving felt like true blessings from the Infinite.  What I heard from the Infinite was that I finally found my true family after never connecting with my family of origin, and never having a family of my own.  These blessings came only after I let go of the pains, hurts, resentments, and fears of my past, so that I may move forward with my twin and my soul life. May you find blessings on this Thanksgiving! (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Finding My Wounded Spirit

In earlier posts, I wrote about techniques in dealing with emotional issues. However, I was unable to explain how to spot these issues in our every day lives. Recently, I had a revelation about how to pinpoint and identity these emotional wounds within us. It is this simple. If we react to a situation, comment, or conflict, then it is our emotional wound and issue. This is where the healing must begin.

This is how I came to this revelation. Recently, during a conversation with my twin flame, he mentioned to me that he was drafting his will that included many family members. During this conversation, it never came up as to how I will fit into his life. I became upset and we fought over this.

Interestingly, during my earlier marriage, I also was not included in my husband’s will. This hurt me deeply and I was unaware of the wound that is still within me. The revelation that I had about this conversation was: (1) I have a wound that needs healing here; (2) I will not marry another man, who does not include me in his will because I deserve better as I love myself now; (3) I must heal this wound, from not being taken care of or truly loved by the men in my past, in order to move onto a healthier future.

Once I identify my emotional issues that still require healing, I will then use the techniques described in my Blogsite Homepage. May you find emotional healing and spiritual growth in your life. (Copyright 2017 awakening journey with all rights reserved)

Emotional Release Pratice Revisited


It’s been several years since I last wrote about Emotional Release Practice.  Recently I had to revisit this technique as I had not experienced the full reactions and panic attacks that I had earlier experienced in my life when I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Panic attacks and negative reactions occur when we first have a negative thought in our minds. This negative thought is associated with negative emotions. The negative emotions we experience may be jealousy, anger, resentment, envy, etc.   These negative  emotions arise from our fears. We then react physically to these negative emotions and experience a panic attack.

The purpose of Emotional Release Practice is  to become aware of these negative thoughts when they first arise within our minds, and then to prevent the negative reaction or panic attack. Please see my earlier post on Emotional Relesse Practice for the specific technique.

This technique is difficult to master as the negative emotion will arise within seconds after the negative thought comes into our minds. The negative  physical  reaction takes only several more seconds to occur.  However, once we master the technique, it will become automatic in our every day life, and we are able to cope with the various negative thoughts, negative  emotions, and then the subsequent negative reactions that occur daily.

This technique is a coping skill to assist us while we are working on and healing our core emotional landscape.  Good luck with your spiritual and healing journey! ( copyright 2017 awakening journey with all rights reserved)

Awareness of Fear


In recent days, I have observed all levels of irony in my life and life of those around me. What I believe is that very few people have awareness of what is really happening to them.  Many people have lamented to me that they have no friends and are rejected by others.  They lack the awareness that their behaviors are driving others away.  In fact, it is this fear of rejection by others that caused them to become clingy, distant, or even sabotaging their potential friendships causing others to find them unlikeable.

Another recent situation is just such a reminder.  A young man was trying to make a good impression during an interview with me.  He was so focused on himself and his efforts to get this job that he came across self-centered and inconsiderate, while unaware of his behaviors. His fear of not getting the job resulted in him actually not getting this job.  Isn’t that just so ironic?

Many times, I have observed this type of irony as people are generally unaware of their thoughts and behaviors, but instead accuse others of hurting or rejecting them.  The reality is that they are causing these outcomes without even realizing it.  We attract what we fear.  Under the law of attraction, we attract what we think. If we think about fear, we will attract the very outcome we fear.

When we are fearful about something, we likely will behave in certain ways to counter this fear and inevitably, we cause the very outcome we fear.  If we become aware of our fears and the behaviors resulting from these fears, we can change the course and outcomes in our lives. (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with all rights reserved)