Perspective of Our Journey

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I have traveled such a long way on my journey that began many lifetimes ago. Along the way, I have met those who do not understand my journey.  As we appear to have taken differing paths, we have conflicts.  I am beginning to understand that  everyone’s path is different.  There are no right or wrong paths, but they twist and winds on its way forward.

It is our egos who insist on being right.  Each day, I am letting go of the need to be right.  We will all figure out our paths, and live with our own decisions, outcomes, and actions.  There should be no judgment, as we are all where we should be in this moment.

Some are ahead of us and some are behind us, but the path is not linear, so they may be traveling on another plane appearing to be the opposite of us.  From our perspectives, we appear to be different, but are we?  The next time, we judge others remember this:

spiritual illusion

It’s all in our perspectives.  May we honor and respect others through compassion, tolerance, and peace. (Copyright 2015 Spiritual Journey with All Rights Reserved)


The Amazing Beyond


Beyond emotional wounds and hurt is this amazing place where the world is synchronized and events result in the highest and perfect for me.  I have crossed the threshold into this beyond.  The trees look fuller, the grass is greener, the sky is clearer, and I experience heaven on earth.  The pain and hurt of the past appear as a glimmer of an old memory like a faded photograph from long ago.

It all seems like a miracle really.  My job at the college where I work is becoming the job that I had hoped and imaged when I first applied and was offered this position.  Old obstacles are falling away, and allies come to my assistance and support.  My new home is warm, inviting, and welcoming to my friends who visit.  It is my sanctuary where I replenish, rest, and rejuvenate.  My personal life is synchronized in that as I think of others, they appear shortly thereafter, and when I wish for an outcome, it happens shortly after.

I am inviting this light, synchronicity, and readiness into my life now, with amazing results and wonderful outcomes.  This is the life that I have dreamed about. When I work hard, I am rewarded. When I love, my love is returned.  When I give, I am given.  When I support others, I am supported.  I believe I am living in my highest now where peace rules my life, and joy is the foundation of each day.

If someone told me that this would be the reward for the hard emotional work of facing my demons and my childhood trauma, I would not have believed it was possible.  My world is opened now to countless possibilities, wonder, and awe. May you find your heaven on earth.  Blessings of love! (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Spirit Open the Right Doors


Since the rise of my Kundalini energy four years ago, I have had moment when I ask myself, why events have occurred the way they have in my life?  Why have I attracted certain people and situations into my life. The answers have always been that I have unhealed parts of me that have attracted certain people and situations to help me resolve and heal my emotional wounds.

In reflecting on my situation, I am learning that I don’t need to know why, but that it just is.  Coming to accept this is difficult for the ego.  I don’t know why because the answers may not become clear for years to come.  In some way, it really doesn’t matter as the time spent with these individuals and situations have strengthened me and shown me what is unhealed in me with such great reality.

My higher self already has shown me how a healthy life with others will feel, and how I will interact with others.  She has shown me a partial road map, but I just don’t know where my road will lead. I feel certain that whatever is in my future, it will be in the highest.  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Resolving Conflicts from Within

11119819_555039484639341_7434152282124245161_n (1)There is an amazing phenomenon that occurs when we begin to change our behaviors and thoughts that translate to a change in our beliefs.  During the last few days, I have been practicing emotional release practice  in an attempt to cure my jealousy.  When we refuse to act out on our jealousy, our belief system begin to change. It is not about changing others in their behaviors or actions, but changing our own thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that change our views and perspectives of others and situations.

This is an interesting and amazing phenomenon!  There are individuals in my life with whom I have conflicts, but who doesn’t? However, as I begin to heal my wounds, and change my thoughts, behaviors,and beliefs, I am beginning to change my perspective of them and see them differently.

A case in point involves my supervisor who I perceive to create hardships for my job, but recently all that has changed in that I am seeing and perceiving her very differently.  I see that she has serious control issues that is really not about me, but about her need for control.  Instead of fighting her that is what my ego wants, I am beginning to work through difficulties about her without her involvement.

This process shows that resolution with an individual does not even require the participation of the other. It is really resolution within ourselves about our situations, involving others, or in our relationships.  This is quite a revelation for me, as I have been trying to resolve differences with others through compromise, dialogue, and mediation.

I am not saying that communication is unimportant as it is, but there are many circumstances in our lives that communications with others is simply not possible or probable.  This is what I have come to understand, and I move forward now with this new perspectives and approach.  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

How to Cure Jealousy


Recent incidents in my life have shown me that I have jealousy and distrust issues looming large in my life.  I do not trust and have jealousy of my romantic partners that resulted from lifetimes of hurt, betrayal, and rejections.  Denial and suppression are no longer working in my life now, so I am seeking alternative methods of dealing with my jealousy.

Jealousy is a very destructive emotion, causing discord, conflicts, and chaos in relationships.  I know that this destructive emotion is within me that must be healed and released. I have begun Reiki practice to heal the energetic wounds within me in the hopes of resolving this jealousy issues in my life, and found the following article to be very helpful as well.  Take a look:  Sending healing love! (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Messages from Your Higher Self

45582ebb20628e452d4ab511fc7af503My most recent period of healing has forced me to ask many questions of myself.  At first, I was asking questions externally, but then I realized that I already have all the answers within from my higher self.

As I have written in the past, that when we are unhealed we will have very clear indications in our lives as certain patterns will repeat.  For example, if we have emotional wounds around relationships, certain negative patterns will appear in our relationships.  If we have unhealed wounds surrounding abundance, we will experience repeated financial problems.  You get the picture.

For me, the big struggles have been related to relationships, particularly romantic relationships as I have unhealed wounds involving my father.   The wounds I thought I had healed appear not to be so.  Repeated issues associated with distrust, jealousy, and feeling unworthy persist in my romantic relationships.

Recently, I asked my higher self why these issues repeat in my relationships, and the answer came to me that I have used the same modality and methodology in my healing work. I tend to fall back to methods that I have become familiar, and it is now time to explore other ways of healing.

The next step for me on my spiritual journey and emotional healing work is to end my current work and begin exploring other avenues of spiritual healing. May you hear messages from your higher self.  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Our Projections

th (3)Sigmund Freud considered that in projection thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings that cannot be accepted as one’s own are dealt with by being placed in the outside world and attributed to someone else. What the ego repudiates is split off and placed in another. Freud would later come to believe that projection did not take place arbitrarily, but rather seized on and exaggerated an element that already existed on a small scale in the other person. This is Wikepedia’s definition of psychological projection.

For this reason, much of what we see in the world may not be reality, but the projection of our thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings that cannot be accepted as our own.  This is placed in the outside world onto others, although it may exist on a small scale in the other person.  The most common projection is fear.  I have come to realize that fear of being hurt if we have been abused or traumatized may cause us to project this fear onto others around us.  We perceive other’s actions to intend to cause us injury and hurt.

I am trying to unravel the truth and reality in my life now to find out how much of my experiences are caused by my projections and how much of this is real. As I go through my day, I observe the events of my day without judgment or commentary.  Is this truly happening or have I projected my past abuse and trauma onto the current day event?  I hope to find some answers as I continue to explore my truth and reality. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Living Wide Awake


Living with such awareness,

With moments of overwhelming joy,

Other moments of utter sadness of my truth.

These are the realities of living wide awake.

It is a choice to face my reality,

Ugliness too hard to face,

And beauty surprising to unveil.

I wake up to find the world different then when I slumbered.

The lies I fed myself no longer blind me.

I now face the consequences of my actions.

No more playing the victim and lamenting wrongs against me.

I move onto a new way of feeling and being.

The world no longer hurts me when I no longer hold pain within.

It is freedom and liberation from my ego,

With lifetimes of bondage and suffering.

Now soaring above the clouds with nothing to hold me down.

Fly, fly away little fledglings for freedom is just beyond the horizon. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

The Basis of Synchronicity


In the spiritual community when we talk about flowing with the Universe, I begin to understand that it is not only flowing etherically with our intuitive world, and energetically through our vibrations with the natural world, but also to flow with ease in our physical plane as well. This triad allows our soul to resonate with the Universal resonance.  It’s like a tuning fork when all three of the triad resonate in perfect pitch, then we become synchronized with events, people, and experiences around us.

It’s like a choreographed dance, perfectly timed, beautifully performed, and brilliantly presented. It is effortless, without strain or force.  Everything we need is taken care of for us, everything we want appears before us, and our perception of our world is that of peace and acceptance. We flow through our connection etherically with our intuitive world, energetically with the natural world around us, and in balanced with our physical world.

When we reach this place, we finally come home to ourselves.  When we earlier looked to our parents, our teachers, or authority figures to take care of our needs, protections, and resources, all of this flows directly from the Universe to us without depending on others.  We become complete within ourselves, with self sufficiency, self love, and independence.  We become powerful within ourselves, and become free from dependency and attachment through others for our well being, comfort, love, and life.  We then free ourselves of the burdens of human existence. ~ Blessings, Brooke (Copyright  2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)